DLP (Digital Light Processing) rear projection has been around for a few years now, and the latest generation has greatly improved image quality and is still relatively inexpensive compared to the current stock of plasma and LCD screens. Samsung?s 61 inch SP61L6HX is a truly massive screen, yet it costs a full $1,500 less than most 50 inch plasmas.

Its resolution is 1280 x 720, which is a pixel-for-pixel match for 720p HD mode, and a bonus because it avoids scaling artifacts that occur when a TV sizes an image to fit. The dual internal tuners are analog though, so you?ll need an external digital set-top box to get the most from the screen.

Black levels have traditionally been a challenge for DLP rear projection screens, but the SP61L6HX features Samsung?s DarkChip, which improves blacks and low intensity detail. The SP61L6HX is also well complemented with inputs, including HDMI as well as DVI-D.

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