Spacious and practical French Door refrigerators from Sharp


Sharp has debuted a range of Four Door French Design refrigerators with spacious, practical interiors including a generous 770 mm internal shelf width for storing large party platters, food containers and prepared dishes.

The tempered glass shelves can easily be height adjusted to accommodate tall items such as birthday cakes and other hard to store items. The lower portion of the refrigerator compartment is subdivided into drawer-type cases that help maintain the crispness and freshness of fresh fruit and vegetables.

The two-door freezer compartment allows users to open one section at a time potentially reducing cold air loss. Sharpps Four Door French Design refrigerators range incorporates an LCD display to change the unitts operating conditions.

Sharp has six Four Door French Design refrigerators in a range of finishes including stainless steel with finger mark and stain resistance, silver or white. These models are available in two capacities, 653 litre or 602 litre.

Source: Sharp