When robotics company released Sphero near the end of last year, it was practically a dream come true for any sci-fi nerd who wanted their very own Star Wars robot, but the droid will get even better this year.

Announced at CES, Sphero has another trick up its sleeve for the spherical robot, and when we say it has the trick up its sleeve, we mean it.

Later this year, Disney and Sphero will come together for yet another Star Wars product as BB-8 gets a new master: your hand.


Just like in the movies, force powers will be granted to any young padawan — that’s a junior Jedi, for those of you not down with the lingo — provided they wear the special “Force Band” bracelet.

When worn, Sphero’s Force Band will talk to the Sphere BB-8 droid and let you use gestures to control the robot. You’ll be able to steer with a wave of your hand, and push BB-8 forward, and then pull him back, all while wearing a small electronic bracelet instead of needing the Apple or Android phone or tablet.


“Branching out of app-enabled robotics and into new categories that enhance play patterns and user experience has always been our goal,” said Paul Berberian, CEO of Sphero.