Spotify to help the health kick with a fitness DJ

The beginning of the year marks so many things, but if getting in shape was one of your resolutions for the year, it will likely mark a time for you to start jogging, and if you’re struggling for music inspiration on the daily run, Spotify hopes to help.

This year, one of the world’s most popular all-you-can-eat music services is starting off with a way that could kickstart the most famous of New Year’s resolutions, and that’s the old classic “I’m going to get fit this year”.

Yes, that old chestnut is rearing its head once again, because there’s a good chance you know someone who was saying just that before December 31 turned up a few weeks ago, and is hopefully — just maybe — still with it. It could even be you, and if it is, go you.

But if you or your friend is having some troubles coming up with the right sort of music to go running to, Spotify has been working with Australian fitness instructor Michelle Bridges to come up with a little web app to help out, fresh from the Elvis app the company played with only a week or two prior.

This one is a little different, and instead of pointing out all the music that relates to The King, Spotify is now asking you to come up with a track you like to go running to, how long the run will be, how intense it will be, and even where you’ll probably be running.

Once you’ve thrown all of that into the online micro-app, it will process the information and spit out a small playlist based on songs that will keep you in the zone similar to what you’re into, as well as a map of where you can go running to, offering a selection of runs and the ways to take them.

From here, you can choose to listen to the playlist, which will play in order if you have the paid-for edition of Spotify mobile, or if you don’t and are relying on the freebie version will play it on random (shuffle).

“Music can not only help you smash your run, it makes it a lot more fun,” said Michelle Bridges. “This playlist generator takes the work out of creating your perfect playlist and running route, so you can get out there quicker and lose yourself in your run or walk!”

The app is available online now, with the playlists loading in any of the Spotify versions — desktop included — though as we have noted, the mobile edition will run on shuffle if being used with a free plan.