SRS about to release MyVolume?

In addition to licensing TruVolume to be used inside devices made by AV manufucturers, SRS is working on releasing a couple of devices themselves under the moniker of MyVolume. What these technologies do is work to even out the volume spikes in AV equipment – the most common example being to ensure the ads aren’t noticably louder than TV shows.

About the size of a box of playing cards, MyVolume will connect between your PVR, set-top box, pay TV box or DVD recorder and your TV, obtaining the same evening out of volume as TruVolume. The technology monitors and measures 20 unique frequency bands, and in real-time adjusts the audio in the high, low and middle ranges, optimising the perception of the sound for the listener.

One version of MyVolume will work with TVs using HDMI cabling, the other on TVs using RCA cabling, so the vast majority of TV owners will be able to take advantage of this new technology.

At this point MyVolume is only a prototype, though there is mention of a US pre-Christmas release for the device, so you’ve got to think SRS is more down the road than prototype.

Pricewise speculation is that the RCA cable version will be in the US$25 to US$200 range, while the HDMI version is mooted to be around the $US200 mark.