SSD goes portable as Samsung externalises hyper-fast drives

Backing up is vitally important, and while many of us don’t do it enough, often a lack of speed is the issue. That might be a thing of the past as Samsung finds a way to makes it super-speedy internal drives a reality outside the computer.

This week, Samsung is taking the solid-state component typically found in many of the laptops and tablets and upgraded computers, and turning it into something usable on the outside of those machines.

And it’s doing that by creating an external hard drive, or to be more precise, an external solid-state drive.


It’s called the Samsung T1, and it’s the first generation of Samsung’s SSD technology made external, with the same vertical memory technology used in the internal drives now found in an external model, bringing hyper fast data transfer speeds to a box that is smaller and lighter than anything a current hard drive can get away with.

“The Samsung Portable SSD T1 is a beautifully designed piece of technology that will offer Australians a completely new experience when it comes to Samsung SSD solutions,” said Todd Lynton, Director of Business Solutions at Samsung Australia.

“We’ve developed these products through rigorous research and development in storage technology to include fast file transfer speeds, data encryption for security, and in a sleek lightweight design that can easily fit into a pocket.”


We first saw the T1 at CES earlier in the year, but going hands on with the product, it’s hard not to be impressed.

The pocketable size is the first thing you notice, with a footprint much smaller than that of a conventional hard drive, and then there’s the size, which is the second thing you realise.

At 30 grams, it’s impossible not to gasp, especially when you’ve been carting a 200 gram hard drive around for a while.


No moving parts also helps, with the T1 supporting speeds of up to 450MB per second, transferred over a USB 3.0 connection, and with support for 256-bit encryption there from the setup, with a password protecting your information.

Pricing is where things might take a bit of a hit, however, with the T1 portable SSD starting at $269 for 250GB, and costing as much as $429 for a 500GB and $799 for a 1TB, not too far off the mark from Samsung’s internal solid-state drives, but more than your conventional hard drive. That said, it is faster and lighter, so we’re not surprised.

So small, you could fit it on the same counter as where you store your sunglasses and bowtie. People do that, right?
So small, you could fit it on the same counter as where you store your sunglasses and bowtie. People do that, right?

We should have a review online shortly, though, so stay tuned.