Looking to speed up that ageing laptop or desktop of yours with a replaced hard drive? It’s time to consider a solid state drive, with two on the way priced for speed and cost effectiveness.

Solid state drives are gradually making a dent on the computer world, providing faster access times with some battery saving special sauce thanks to the lack of moving parts, even if conventional drives still offer more space.

That said, the speed and battery savings are more or less unmatched when compared to a regular hard drive, and that’s helping to drive sales, with gamers and creative types loving the performance, while anyone else keen to salvage an older laptop loving the improvements to battery life.

This week, two solid state offerings have popped up in the news, as Samsung launches something for those who love the speed, while SanDisk takes the side of cost effectiveness.

Now both drives are different, but given they’re based on the same area, we figured we’d save some space and put the two in the one story, showcasing the technologies simultaneously.

First up is SanDisk’s Ultra II SSD, which the company is reporting as an “ease, cost-effective solution to supercharge your PC,” similar to an article we wrote a year ago about how to bring a laptop back from the dead with an SSD, taking it out of retirement with one part change.

For SanDisk’s new solid state offering, the technology available offers read speeds of up to 550MB/s and write speeds of just under this at 500MB/s, with some improvements to battery life and caching technology. SanDisk has also made some improvements to the drivers used here, providing firmware updates and security information.