Star Wars delayed to May 4, Blu-ray has Rogue One teaser (April Fools)

April 1 was supposed to be a day when fans of Star Wars would stay at home and grab 2015’s most anticipated film. Instead, there’s appears to be a delay.

If you were keen to go online and grab the new Star Wars movie “The Force Awakens” and relive that scene with Han Solo or just enjoy yourself some more talking droids, you may be a little disheartened this morning.

That’s because Star Wars has been delayed, with a new release date set: May 4.

Hey BB-8. We'll get to you when the time comes.
Hey BB-8. We’ll get to you when the time comes.

For those unaware of Star Wars canon, that’s an intentional interpretation of the Star Wars saying “may the force be with you”, but switched into a date — May the Fourth — and is used by many a fan of the franchise to celebrate their love for all things Star Wars.

This morning, though, we have confirmed that May 4 is the new international release date for the Star Wars Blu-ray and various regions for the digital release, Australia included.

Some online digital sellers may have been able to break through this date change, but from what we’re hearing, April 1 may not be the day many were hoping for.


Meanwhile, we’re also hearing that the new copies of the Blu-ray and DVD will get an extra that surprised even the critics: an early teaser trailer from the next Star Wars film, “Rogue One”. That means you can expect a new trailer and a movie that the fans adored arriving on a Star Wars day.

We’d say that’s worth the wait, even if it is a month off.


We copped a bit of flack on this one, but if you’re a Star Wars fan, worry not, because it’s still available today on digital with Blu-ray and DVD coming in a few weeks. We doubt there’ll be a “Rogue One” teaser, but it was a nice try.