Star Wars Identities: The Exhibition.

Star Wars Identities
100% human

Do you suspect your child might be a Sith? Until 10 June 2019, you can get answers at Star Wars Identities: The Exhibition.

Has your child suddenly started dealing in absolutes? Are they telling you stories a Jedi would not? Have they ever called you rebel scum under their breath? It is possible that your child may be falling to the dark side.

Luckily, you can find answers to these questions and more these school holidays at the Sydney Powerhouse Museum’s new Star Wars Identities: The Exhibition.

Star Wars Identities

In this highly interactive exhibition, you’ll create your very own unique Star Wars character while learning about the forces that shape your identity and decision making, themed within the iconic Star Wars universe.

Art Meets Science

When visiting the exhibition, you receive a smart technology bracelet and headset. These interact with a series of terminals throughout the exhibit containing identity questions which draw on science from the fields of neuropsychology, psychology, and biochemistry.

As you move through the exhibit’s three sections, Origins, Influences and Choices, your responses incrementally build and shape your Star Wars character. Once you have completed all three sections, you will come face to face with your character.

Star Wars Identities

You will receive an in-depth personality profile illustrating the outcomes of your choices. It is pretty neat if a little scary. Will your choices lead you down the path of the dark side to become a Sith Lord? Or will you follow in the footsteps of the Jedi Knights? Only your decisions can decide.

Find Those Droids You are Looking For

Between terminals, you will also get up close with over 200 rare artefacts, costumes, and props from the Lucasfilm archives, featuring items from the six core Star Wars films and the Clone Wars animated series. Particular highlights include Vader’s suit from Return of the Jedi, the Yoda puppet from The Empire Strikes Back, and the iconic Han Solo in Carbonite.

Star Wars Identities

What’s a Star War?

In case you’re some kind of nerf herder, who hasn’t seen the Star Wars films, there are plenty of clips featured throughout the exhibition, providing relevant context for the material. In total, it should take you around 90 minutes to complete Star Wars Identities, with the option of spending additional time in the museum afterwards.

GadgetGuy’s take: Star Wars Identities: The Exhibition.

Padawans, you must.

Star Wars Identities

This exhibition is a must see for Star Wars fans young and old. A good blend of educational science mixed among the movie magic behind these iconic films. It is a real treat.

Star Wars Identities: The Exhibition is now open at the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney. Tickets start at $23 for Children, $32 for Concession, and $36 for Adult. All include general admission.

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