StarCraft II released, geeks to come up for air… eventually


Seven years in the making, Blizzard’s StarCraft II is finally here. Prepare to lose your geek-friends to their computers for the next two months. At least.
A sequel to a game that came out twelve years ago, StarCraft II has had a long development cycle and will likely end up with one of the biggest pay-offs.
Design and development started in 2003, announced in 2007, and released three years later on July 27 (yesterday), the real-time strategy that practically every PC gamer has been looking forward to. Available for both Mac and PC on the same disc, StarCraft II has been designed to take what gamers loved about the original and bring it back with a new campaign and modern graphics.
This release – StarCraft II: Wings Of Liberty – is the first of three “StarCraft II” titles and follows the human Terran race. The remaining stories based around the creepy bug-like Zerg and the semi-mystical Protoss alien race are expected in separate games and are slated for release within a year.
If you thought Halo was big – and it is – wait until you see the sales on this game. We checked several stores in Sydney yesterday only to find they were sold out.
Parents, if you’ve got gamers and geeks in the family, prepare to lose your loved ones to their computers for the next month or two.