Stay safe: it’s not about the operating system

There was a time when the majority of people who had to worry about internet security were using a Windows PC.

But these days, everyone has to be aware of cyber crime.

“When you think about if you’re using a Mac, a PC, or an iPad, the threats to your identity are on the web,” says David Hall, Symantec’s Regional Product Marketing Manager for South Pacific and Asia.

“We’re seeing that international cybercrime is bigger than the drug trade. It’s a lot easier to move a million passwords across borders than to smuggle drugs or those kind of things. They’re trying to trick you on websites with phishing, tricks and scams that are trying to convince you to share your identity.”

With new malware popping up on different operating systems and criminals attempting to steal parts of your life on the internet, users have to be more aware of where they’re going and who they’re giving information to.