Step up to the wicket with International Cricket Captain III


The conditions of the pitch are perfect for Empire Interactive to step up to the wicket in November and release this year?s ultimate cricket management simulation. Just in time for the cricket season International Cricket Captain III, featuring a brand new 3D game engine for the PC, PSP® (PlayStation® Portable) and the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system.

After 10 years at the top of the cricket strategy league International Cricket Captain III has been rebuilt and relaunched for cricket fans of all ages; giving the player an addictive pick-up and play management game experience… just like watching cricket on TV.

With a massive statistics database updated for 2007, only International Cricket Captain III feels likes you are managing and influencing performance of real players in the game of cricket before, during and after each match throughout the domestic and international seasons.

?Several members of our development team are long term cricket fanatics, who have spent years perfecting the batting and bowling styles of the leading players around the world, Pietersen included,? said Rob Noble, Empire European marketing manager. ?Statistics on their own can never reproduce the feeling of such reality. The in-depth statistical knowledge and new 3D engine makes this is the most captivating and in-depth cricket game ever produced.?

The choices are endless – take charge of a domestic or international team and steer them to victory through every match of the season. You control all aspects of the team?s progress; from transfers, team selection and training, to detailed match tactics.

Choose your bowlers, plan their line of attack, set their fields and then watch the highlights to see if you get that vital breakthrough. Ask your batsmen to make hay while the sun shines or defend through the fading light. Prepare the pitch, bowl over or around the wicket and choose to watch the action ball-by-ball or over-by-over.

Price, availability and formats

International Cricket Captain III will be available in Australia and New Zealand in November 2007. It will have a recommended retail price of $49.95 on PC, PSP® (PlayStation® Portable) and the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system.

Source: Activision