STM ChargeTree – charges one, two and tree devices!

STM ChargeTree
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Apple lovers rejoice, The STM ChargeTree will Qi wirelessly charge your iPhone, watch and AirPods all at once in a space-saving Tree design.

We won’t conduct a full review as the STM ChargeTree is a Qi 9V/1.1A/10W phone charger, 5V/.6A/3W magnetic watch pad and a 5V/1A/5W AirPod case charger.

The STM ChargeTree requires an Apple 9V/2A/18W charger (1m USB-A to USB-C cable supplied), or it can use any USB-C PD charger over 18W.

The front charge pad (portrait or landscape style) and the rear AirPod pad are brand agnostic. That is just as well as we don’t have access to Apple products during COVID-Lockdown. There is an indicator bar to show its charging.

We tested with a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, and it managed to top it up and keep it charged overnight. As you would expect of a Qi-certified charger. It also charged the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ it is not all Apple’s way. I wish they had a version for Samsung Galaxy Watches as well!

It will charge through most non-metal cases.

Review: STM ChargeTree

  • Website: here with free post
  • SKU (model): STM-931-283Z-01
  • Price: $119.95
  • Warranty: 2-years ACL
  • Country of Manufacture: China
  • STM (Company website here) is Aussie. Est in 1998 in Sydney by Ethan Nyholm and Adina Jacobs, they created a unique new product—a bag specifically designed to protect digital gear while offering a fashion-forward look. It has a wide range of bags and accessories. You can read some GadgetGuy reviews here.

 GadgetGuy’s take – a perfect gift for an Apple Aficionado

What more can we say? Well made, practical from a great Aussie company.

PS – if you look around online you might find it for about $100 inc delivery.

Rating – it meets all advertised specs. We think that a bundle with an 18W charger would be a nice option – Apple’s charger is $49.

STM ChargeTree
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STM should consider a bundle with an 18W charger