Sunbeam designer David Knott’s must-have home appliances

Got a ‘must-have’ home appliance gadget that you can’t live without? home appliance editor Ella Smith spoke with Sunbeam designer David Knott about his hot favourites.



What’s the one home appliance gadget you can?t live without?

I can’t live without my coffee machine. The Sunbeam EM6910 takes pride of place on my kitchen bench and gets used daily. There’s no better morning pick-me-up than a fresh espresso.

The twin thermoblock design means I can make an espresso coffee in a couple of minutes. Being able to texture the milk at the same time as extracting the coffee makes the whole process a lot quicker. I’ve got a really small kitchen and the coffee machine and grinder takes up most of the bench space, but it’s a small price to pay to be able to make the perfect cup of coffee any time I feel like it. Is coffee addictive?  

Is there a particular home appliance that’s been sitting in your cupboard for some time collecting dust? What is it and why?

Since buying an HDD DVD recorder, my VCR has been somewhat neglected. I only bought the VCR three years ago and already it’s obsolete. The HDD recorder is so much more convenient. You can store and replay hundreds of hours of footage without having to sift through piles of unlabeled tapes. Now I just need to get Foxtel iQ!