Sunbeam Fresh Start JE6400S

The Sunbeam Fresh Start is a good looking and well designed juicer. It is easy to clean and delivers a fast and powerful juicing experience. Its powerful motor and extra large feed chute ensure a quick juicing experience for those on the go.

Setting up

Set up is easily worked out just by looking at the juicer’s picture on the box. All of the parts fit nicely together and the locking mechanism is simple to activate. Once fitted together, the juicer starts with no problems. The manual was not needed at all. However, the manual is very comprehensive and easy to understand. It even provides recipes, helpful juicing hints and a guide to the benefits of juicing.


The large jug and pulp container are a definite bonus for lots of juicing in one go. This is great if your family drinks a lot of juice at the same time or if you want to produce a lot of juice for storing in the fridge.

The extra large three litre pulp container means less stopping the machine to empty out the pulp. Once full, the pulp container is easily removed for emptying without having to dismantle the whole juicer.

For those who don’t like juice froth, the jug has a froth separating lid to ensure an easy pour and smooth taste.

As far as juicers go, the JE6400S is fairly easy to clean. All parts of the juicer, except the motor base, are dishwasher safe but for the most effective clean it is best to rinse the juicer straight after use. This helps prevent food from drying and caking itself onto the juicer’s parts. The cleaning brush works well on scrubbing food out of the blade and filtering basket.


Using the juicer is a breeze as it has only three movements on the control switch including high, off and low. The high speed delivers a very powerful and fast juicing experience for hard produce like apples and carrots. The slower speed ensures softer fruits with a high water content like citrus and watermelon are juiced well.

The extra large fruit and vegetable feed shoot allows large pieces of food to be juiced. Whole (small) apples juice within seconds, which is excellent for saving time because food preparation is radically reduced. During the fast speed, juice can leak onto the top of the jug but the shape of its lid does help to reduce this problem.

In terms of safety, the machine has a four second braking system, which means the blades stop when the juicer is turned off or the twin locking levers are released. The patent pending feed chute lever delivers controlled and safe juicing by suspending the fruit above the blade until the food pusher forces down the food. The juicer is very sturdy and its non slip feet ensure it remains firmly on the bench during juicing.


This is an excellent all round juicer that delivers a fast and powerful juicing experience. Overall, it was difficult to find fault with this machine. If anything, the power cord was a little short and the jug had to be held in place during high speed to prevent leakage onto the jug’s lid.

Reviewer: Trina Tune

Value for money
Ease of Use
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Extra large (75mm diameter) feed chute can juice whole (small) apples, 3 litre pulp container, dishwasher safe parts, all parts need to lock into place before the juicer will start
Short power cord, pulp container can get in the way of the cord