Sunbeam Ultura 5700 Platinum

The Sunbeam Ultura 5700 Platinum is everything you want in an iron. It heats up quickly and offers both a powerful shot of steam as well as variable steam output. This intuitive appliance features dials that are well labelled while its lightweight and ergonomic design makes ironing that much easier.

Setting up

There are no special requirements for setting up. Just remove all adhesive stickers, plastic covers, swing tags and cardboard sleeves from the iron before use. Fill the water tank, then empty it to rinse any foreign particles that may be remaining in the water tank from the manufacturing process.


The Ultura 5700 Platinum is well featured and designed. Its standout feature is its water tank, which has a wide inlet for easy filling while its cover doubles as a spout to prevent spills. The 250 ml well sized water jug means you’re not constantly making trips back and forth to the sink while the opaque water tank makes it easy to monitor the iron’s water tank level.

The iron’s temperature dial is easy to understand as it clearly labels what fabric can be ironed on each setting. There is also a fine mist spray button at the top of the iron which is easily pressed with your thumb as well as a useful powerful shot of steam function for removing stubborn wrinkles. A variable steam dial which allows you to select the desired steam output for each garment.


It comes as no surprise that the Ultura 5700 Platinum iron from Sunbeam is part of the Australian Design Award winning Ultura range. It did a great job of ironing different fabrics from heavy jeans to lightweight linens.

It features a powerful 1,800 watt element that heats up in less than 30 seconds and even more importantly, maintains a constant temperature.

The variable steam dial allows the user to select the desired steam output for each garment or alternatively, you can select the ‘dry’ setting to iron garments such as acrylic and viscose fabrics without steam.

The powerful shot of steam function did the trick in removing stubborn wrinkles while the vertical shot of steam allowed us to hold the iron upright to remove creases from curtains and suits.

When we tested the iron’s auto shut off feature by placing the iron in a horizontal position on a piece of fabric, thankfully it switched itself off after about 30 seconds. When we left the iron resting on its heel it took about 15 to 20 minutes to switch off.

The cord is nice and long while the 360 degree cord outlet allows the cord to move freely in any direction. And for those who hate cords hanging around, it has a fabulous built-in cord wrap facility which allows the user to wind the cord around the heel for neat and tidy storage.


The Sunbeam Ultura 5700 Platinum is easy to use and produces good results. It feels much lighter than its counterparts and is a consistent performer with all the functions that you come to expect from an iron including automatic shut off, steam and a non-stick soleplate. However, in this price bracket you may find other models with all the features of the Ultura 5700 Platinum and more.

Overall, the Ultura 5700’s strength lies in its ergonomic design, its easy cord storage and the fact that it offers one of the better water inlet features on the market.

Reviewer: Rebecca Correa

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