Sunbeam Ultura 5900 Resilium

The Sunbeam Ultura 5900 Resilium was a great overall performer. Its slightly smaller size and lighter weight are definite advantages for fast ironing and manoeuvring around tricky spots. The iron is light and small enough to hold for long periods and it has a powerful shot of steam and a very well directed spray of mist.

Setting up

There are no special requirements for setting up. However, remove all adhesive stickers, plastic covers or cardboard sleeves from the iron’s soleplate before use. Fill the water tank and then empty it to flush out all foreign particles created during the manufacturing process.


The Ultura’s features are very well designed. The iron’s water tank has a wide inlet for easy filling and its cover doubles as a spout to minimise risks of missing the hole. The well sized water jug allows for adequate refills while the opaque water tank makes it easy to gauge when it is full.

The iron’s dials area easy to understand. Its temperature dial clearly labels an increase in heat as well as what fabrics can be ironed on each turn. There is also a handy variable steam button at the top of the iron, which enables selection of different steaming temperatures.


The iron performs well on nylon, denim, cotton and linen fabrics. The dry feature is very handy for delicate nylon fabric. The steaming function heats up quickly and delivers a good amount of steam.

And the iron’s non-stick resilium soleplate has a chanelled steam chamber and 98 holes for even steam distribution.

The unit has a very powerful shot of steam that works well on stubborn creases. However, the shot did leave a few water spots. The iron’s vertical steam also works well on clothes hanging up. The soleplate glides well, resulting in a smooth and zippy ironing experience and its spray is very well directed.

Its handle is easy to grip and its body is a good size for picking up and manoeuvring around tricky spots. Buttons are easily navigated around due to the iron’s full length button groove above the soleplate. The three metre cord swivels nicely out of the way when rested on its heel and the heel is stable and robust and doesn’t topple over when the iron is stood upright. The cord wraps neatly around the base of the iron when it is not needed.

The manual is very easy to understand with clearly explained and labelled diagrams. For people who tend to leave their iron on face down, the Ultura has a handy automatic shut off device that beeps when this happens. The iron?s body wipes down easily and its steam valve is removable for simple cleaning.

Cleaning the steam valve removes scale build up, which can affect the iron’s performance.


Besides the slight spotting during the shot of steam, the Sunbeam Ultura 5900 Resilium performs very well in all areas and delivers and excellent ironing experience.

Reviewer: Trina Tune

Value for money
Ease of Use
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Fast and zippy, Easy fill water tank reduces risk of spilling water, Intuitive dials, Easy to see ?max? line on water tank, Good sized water jug
Some water spotting with shot of steam