SunBriteTV all-weather outdoor LCD TV

Rain, hail or shine, it never stops performing. Built in the USA to be both weatherproof and dust proof, it works safely in temperatures from -30 degrees to 50 degrees C.

Perfect for outdoor entertainment areas, the SunBriteTV lets you relax around the pool or spa.

Available in 23″ and 46″ sizes, even the built in speakers and remote control can withstand whatever Mother Nature has in store.

Frequently asked questions

Can I just get a water resistant cover for an ordinary LCD or plasma?
SunbriteTVs are purpose built not only to be water resistant but resistant to dust, dirt, insects, scratches and
internal corrosion. They work over a temperature range from +50 degrees down to -30 and are electrically safe
in a wet environment. An indoor TV cannot offer this safely in an outdoor environment with just a simple cover

Does the TV include an internal tuner?
The SunbriteTV does not include a TV tuner for use in Australia and New Zealand, although you can easily
connect a set-top box, PVR, DVD recorder or cable TV box as an external tuner. Talk to your installer about the

What connections does the TV have?
The 23″ has HDMI, Component, Composite, S video, VGA, and L/R RCA stereo audio connectors. The 46″has 2 x HDMI ports, 2 x component, 2 x composite, 2 x S video, PC (D-sub VGA), L/R RCA stereo audio connectors as well as a 3.5 mm jack for serial remote control of the On-Off, volume and Input selections. Both units include an internal headphone socket.

Can I watch TV in direct sunlight?
No LCD or plasma can compete with direct sun. We recommend installing your SunbriteTV so that it can be turned away from direct sun or kept in a shaded area even when switched off. The SunbriteTV’s high level of brightness (800 nits) is almost twice the brightness of ordinary LCDs and plasmas. This brightness allows it to work well in high ambient lighting such as outdoors without direct sun on the screen.

Can the SunbriteTV be left outside all the time?
Yes. They are designed to work from +50 degrees and down to -30 degrees and in standby mode it can
survive temperatures as high as 60 degrees. We offer an optional dust cover to keep the unit clean when not in
use. We also recommend keeping the screen away from direct sunlight even when switched off.

Are SunbriteTV’s IP56 rated?
IP56 is the European standard adopted by Australia which measures a products ability to survive dust and jetting water in an outdoor environment. The SunbriteTV meets or exceeds the US equivalent of IP56 the National Electrical Manufactures Association (NEMA) “enclosure type 4 and 4X”.


The 23″ model is $4,199 RRP and the 46″ is $9,199 RRP.

Cricket on the SunBrite TV

Source: Herma Technologies