Superloop NBN plans offer super fast internet under $100

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Once considered a luxury, high-speed internet is becoming more of a necessity. Particularly for those who work remotely, stream 4K videos, and download the latest games, fast internet is a must. The good news is that you can get some of Australia’s fastest NBN plans at a great price courtesy of Superloop.

Routinely featured among the cheapest NBN plans, Superloop also offers some of the highest speeds during peak times. It’s currently one of a handful of providers selling its NBN 1000 tier for less than $100.

However, in line with other internet service providers (ISPs), the cheaper prices only apply for the first six months. Afterwards, you start paying the full price. Which, in Superloop’s case, is still pretty good value.

To use its NBN 1000 plan as an example, you pay $99 per month for the first six months, before reverting to a regular price of $109. For the same speed tier from other ISPs, you’re looking at monthly payments of $119 or more.

How much do Superloop NBN plans cost?

As it currently stands, Superloop’s prices are competitive with the rest of the market. There are some cheaper options among lower-speed tiers but not by much of a margin.

Where Superloop stands out is its advertised NBN speeds during evenings. Peak internet usage times in Australia are between 7 pm and 11 pm, so it’s an important measure to know how fast your internet will be when network congestion occurs.

Compared to other ISPs, Superloop is one of the fastest NBN 1000 retailers, advertising download speeds of 700Mbps and upload speeds of 42Mbps during evenings. It’s also one of the most affordable high-speed NBN providers in Australia. Recent wholesale pricing changes mean that faster internet is more affordable, which makes for good competition.

When you sign up with Superloop, you can also pair it with an Amazon Eero6+ Wi-Fi 6 router for no upfront cost. Valued at $249.99, the router is completely free if you stay connected for 18 months. If you choose to cancel before then, you only pay $8 for each month remaining to cover the router costs.

On that point, because it’s rare for NBN providers to offer discounts to existing customers, the best way to save money on your internet bill is to regularly assess your current plan. Most ISPs are contract-free, meaning you can cancel at any time without incurring extra costs. If a better deal comes around, don’t feel obliged to stick with your current provider just because you’ve been with them for a long time.

While assessing your home internet, make sure to also compare the cheapest SIM plans to save on your phone bill.

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