SureShot GPS – hand-held, fully portable GPS device

The SureShot GPS is an innovative hand-held, fully portable GPS device dedicated to the needs of golfers. The rules of golf have recently been amended to allow the use of GPS devices in competition. Previously golfers at all levels needed to either judge the distances to greens and hazards themselves or employ a caddy to get accurate distance estimates. Now everyone, from the weekend hacker to the touring professional, can use the SureShot GPS to determine distances to the green or hazards and hence improve their golf game and speed up play.

The SureShot GPS can be used on any golf course in the world. Utilising GPS to map its position via satellite, it then compares this position to the stored course data and calculates distances with 1-3 metre accuracy. The SureShot GPS also has the ability to display up to 15 additional reference points which give distances to hazards, such as traps, water and dog-legs.


The SureShot GPS incorporates more functionality and flexibility than any other handheld golf GPS device available on the market. The built in memory stores up to ten pre-recorded golf courses, which can either be downloaded from the Tee2Green website or quickly and easily recorded by the player. Statistical information including overall score, fairways hit, greens in regulation and number of putts, can be collected and downloaded to a PC for ongoing feedback and analysis using the included SureAnalysis software.

Another innovative feature of the SureShot GPS is its ability to measure and record specific shots for personal club recommendation. As part of its normal operation SureShot GPS can gather information on a playerrs typical distance per club. It can then use this data to recommend the appropriate club selection based on the current distance to the hole or hazard.

Size and display

Where other golf GPS products on the market are generally large cart-mounted devices or PDA add-ons, the SureShot GPS is a dedicated palm-sized product designed specifically to meet the needs of golfers and the golf course environment. The product is designed to be comfortably held in one or both hands and can be worn on a belt or fitted to a bag or buggy.

The full colour, hi-resolution, backlit LCD display is specifically designed for use in full sunlight and the GUI has been configured for fast, efficient operation. Although the product is minimised in size and weight to enhance portability, it is not too small for comfortable operation. The well considered button layout ensures easy access for all users (including people with small hands and the elderly) and suggests a practical hierarchy when operating. The enclosure is also fully splashproof, with the lens, keymat and partlines engineered to minimise water ingress, and the connectors positioned in a shrouded area.


  • Works in any country or any golf course
  • Any golf course, not already available, can be easily mapped by the user
  • Superb backlit 5.5 cm 65k colour screen optimised for outdoor use
  • The unit measures just 10 x 7 x 2.5 cm (W x H x D)
  • Data for 10 courses can be stored at once
  • Accuracy is between 1 3 metres in ideal conditions
  • More course data can be downloaded from the web
  • Measure and compare your drive distances with your friends
  • 15 hazards can be stored per hole including bunkers, trees, water and more
  • Stores the average distance for each golf club, and suggests club based on distance
  • SureAnalysis software (included) to store your game stats
  • Battery life is typically 6 to 7 hours
  • Rechargeable via USB cable, AC plug (both included) or optional car adaptor
  • Supports USB 1 & 2
  • Unit enhancements (firmware) is updated via USB and SureAnalysis sofware
  • Software works on Windows XP & 2000 only. No Mac support
  • One-year guarantee

RRP: $585.00
Available: Now