Swann Flashlight DVR – shine a light, take a picture, record a video

Swann Communications, has released an all-in-one portable FlashlightDVR, combining a high-powered flashlight, colour camera and DVR allowing you to take photos, record video and audio, during the day or night.

Swann’s Vice President of Global Marketing, Jeremy Stewart, said the FlashlightDVR will be an invaluable tool for outdoor enthusiasts and professionals in the security and law enforcement industries.

This waterproof, lightweight, durable product is as simple to use as point and shoot to digitally record your video and audio adventures.

Swann predicts strong interest from lovers of the great outdoors: camping, boating, hiking, fishing and four-wheel-drive enthusiasts.

The FlashlightDVR has 128MB of built-in memory and supports mini-SD cards up to 2GB for extra storage. The DVR utilises the latest MPEG4 technology, which allows for increased video storage capacity. Recorded content can easily be viewed or transferred to a computer by using the flashlight’s USB port.

All of the controls are centralised in the main control area located on the top of the flashlight. Operation is made easy through one-touch controls and an easy-to-use menu that is displayed on a LCD screen.

The FlashlightDVR is powered by either 3 C size batteries or rechargeable Ni-MH batteries; the flashlight features a built-in Ni-MH charger with a 12V input.

Price and availability

The Swann Flashlight DVR has an RRP of $499.00

Source: Swann Communications