Never miss a home delivery again with this smart home feature

Swann HomeShield AI assistant
Image: supplied.

Missing deliveries at the door or worrying about home security when travelling could be a thing of the past, with Swann HomeShield a new technology that responds to visitors for you.

Announced at the recent Amazon Web Services Summit in Sydney, Swann HomeShield aims to bolster home security via generative AI. As saturated as the AI hype is right now, it could be a useful feature with a genuine use case.

Taking the form of an AI-powered voice assistant across Swann cameras and video doorbells, HomeShield generates responses to visitors in a range of scenarios. In theory, it could accept deliveries on your behalf or give the impression to would-be thieves that someone’s home.

Once a device detects a visitor, it’s designed to respond in a human-like manner, as if you were answering the door. HomeShield – not to be confused with TP-Link’s service of the same name – is said to work with Swann devices like the Swann Buddy 4K video doorbell, and the Xtreem 4K security camera, once the feature launches.

Swann HomeShield responses
Swann’s upcoming AI feature could help when you can’t get to the door. Image: supplied.

To produce its responses, Swann HomeShield taps into the new Claude 3 Haiku model developed by Anthropic, an AI company founded by ex-OpenAI employees. Amazon’s involvement is via its Bedrock platform, where companies can run various AI models for users.

When is Swann HomeShield out?

Launching in May, the AI voice assistant will require a Secure+ subscription, which starts at $3.99 per month for a single device, or $12.99 for unlimited devices.

There’s a justifiable scepticism towards generative AI features, due to many companies employing the technology just because it’s the hot thing, usefulness be damned. Conversely, Swann’s solution appears to address real-world situations.

Provided it works well, the AI feature could be a useful addition to the two-way communication enabled by existing video doorbells, including those from Ring and Arlo.

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