We’re not against any of that, but the cost of video storage on a camera-by-camera basis could get expensive, especially if you equip your home with several cameras, and we’ve asked Swann to look into household licensing, as that would probably make more sense for people who plan to rig cameras everywhere in their home.

Outside of these caveat, however, Swann’s system definitely looks compelling, as it could finally find a way to bridge the various smart devices homes are now receiving, at least until a company like Google, Apple, or Microsoft finds a way to build a friendly and open operating system for the home that everyone — and we mean “everyone” — will be using.

Don't want to use the app? Try the key fob instead.

Don’t want to use the app? Try the key fob instead.

Regardless, availability for Swann’s SwannOne system is now, with the kits available at Officeworks, JB HiFi, and Dick Smith, with Harvey Norman shortly, starting at $499.95.

The devices can all be purchased separately outside of the kit, with both the SoundView indoor and outdoor camera costing $229.95 each, the motion sensor for $69.95, the window and door sensors for $49.95, Smart Plug for $79.95, an indoor siren for $199.95, an outdoor siren for a little more at $229.95, the Zen Thermostat for $349.95, and a Smart Hub for $329.95. An extra key fob will cost $44.95.