Swann uses AI to detect people, pets, places and pick-ups in 2019


Swann has a new security eco-system that builds on its 30-years of global experience in security systems. 2019 sees a range of wired/wireless cameras that are Google Assistant and Alexa ready.

Swann (website here) is one of those brands you find in Bunnings, Officeworks, JB Hi-FI, Bing Lee and other major retailers as well as online. As such you will find what you what at the price you want.

Last year we reviewed its wireless FHD (1080p) camera rating it four-out-of-five. In fact, it was well ahead of other well-known brands that drink their own Kool-Aid! (sorry – that is a reference to companies believing their marketing hype and using terms like crystal clear viewing for a 480/720p camera or have expensive cloud plans etc). Swann is refreshingly accurate in its claims.

2019 is the year we get down and dirty with security cameras, especially the trend to link them to voice assistants to, “OK XXXX, show me the front door”. Well, that is fine if your front door is within Ethernet or Wi-Fi range and you have a convenient power source.

On power, we have been playing with solar panels and apart from Swann’s excellent (and oversized) panel   that provides 5.7V/1A (5W) other tested are flat out providing 5V/300mA (1.5W) – not enough to charge batteries in good weather conditions, let alone during storm season.

Back to Swan

New releases include significant technology upgrades like enhanced security analytics with facial recognition, vehicle and pet detection, longer battery life on wireless devices; security cameras with sirens and spotlights; and a new security ecosystem to control all Swann products on a single mobile app for iOS and Android.

Jeremy Stewart, Vice President of Global Marketing, said,

“As we settle into the New Year, Swann wants to become synonymous with preventative security. While Swann has long been a leader in the space, the future of security is not about being reactive but being proactive. Our improvements focus around preventing break-ins and other security incidents from occurring in the first place, and about providing people with more informative and timely alerts around the activity where they live and work.”

Last year Swann debuted several new products including

  • First to market with 4K Wired Security Systems featuring Google Integration
  • Its first wire-free device, the Wireless Smart Security Camera with True Detect heat-sensing technology
  •  Video Doorbell and Chime with two-way talk technology
  • Indoor and Outdoor Wi-Fi Cameras with Alexa Integration

GadgetGuy’s advice in 2018 was to choose an eco-system first over a brand.

It is more vital than ever before that all security components work with each other and via one app. For example, motion detection, door/window sensors, doorbells, door locks, garage door/gate openers, security cloud and more need to work together with a voice assistant and IFTTT (If this, then do that). We have much work to do to bring you the ideal systems.

Swann with voice integration is already part of the way there.