Symantec goes after the cowboys with Indians

Symantec has expanded its APAC threat hunting, incident response and security analyst footprint with expanded security operations centre in India.

Symantec (Norton), a leading global cybersecurity company announced the expansion of its Security Operations Centre (SOC) in Chennai, India.

All global customers can now expect faster access to security intelligence insights, detection and response.

The ‘Cloud Generation’ has accelerated the need for organisations to rethink their security requirements.

Symantec claims it is all about high connectivity and protection to safeguard the most valuable asset – data.

The expanded SOC offers a full suite of Symantec Cyber Security Services (CSS) capabilities. These help customers reduce operational costs while extending the capabilities of their security teams.

“We continue to heavily invest in global SOC locations,” said Greg Clark, Symantec CEO.

“Our strategic expansion in Chennai and other SOC territories highlights our commitment to providing the most evolved cybersecurity. Our SOCs are are the world’s largest civilian threat intelligence network. They harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Each day they comb through trillions of telemetry elements. This unique capability protects against advanced cyber threats in an increasingly connected world.”

“The cyber-attacks that companies, governments and people face have multi-facets. These require the combination of our intelligence, technology and expertise. If we are to bolster defences to stop advanced threats,” said Samir Kapuria, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Cyber Security Services.

“CSS continues to sharpen its competitive advantage for our customers as well as our growing network of cyber warriors.  Symantec focuses on staying ahead of the evolving threat landscape. We integrated advanced technologies and developing innovative tools designed to track unusual behaviours. We can identify attacks to protect our customers from both internal and external attacks.”

Symantec’s 500+ certified cyber security professional across six global SOCs analyse over 150 billion security logs worldwide each day. This  providesenterprise-wide protection, helping organisations strengthen their defences and respond to new threats as they emerge Globally, Symantec helps secure 175 million endpoints, 80 million web proxy users, 63 million email users and 50 million consumer users.