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Pricing on the Synology Router is set to $199 with availability of the router set to come in from next week, though it won’t be with a modem inside the router.

In fact, Synology told GadgetGuy this week that it doesn’t have any plans for a modem router at this stage. Rather, a representative for the company said that it prefers “to create a dedicated router first that can seamlessly connect our NAS and other devices in homes and offices, and powerful enough for video streaming, online gaming, etc”, suggesting that a combined modem router with this technology would have a very high price tag.


That suggests the modem router would approach the sort of pricing currently achieved by some of the other high end modem routers out there, which we’re not sure Synology is game to do, at least for its first attempt at the router space.

Regardless, you’ll find this one in select stockists soon across Australia.