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iolo technologies today unveiled new version 9 of System Mechanic, its flagship computer tune-up product. Complimenting hundreds of enhancements, dozens of new features and full Windows 7 compatibility, the new version’s cornerstone is formed by the exclusive and industry-first Tune-up Definitions.
These weekly updates based on research from iolo Labs continually teach the product about the latest PC performance issues as they manifest and evolve in real time, keeping it agile, safe, powerful, and able to automatically diagnose and resolve a growing list of nearly 10,000 unique computer problems.

Currently used globally in six languages by 23 million people to keep more than 70 million computers in like-new condition, System Mechanic has been the #1 best-selling PC tune-up software for several years according to NPD, and is consistently rated at the top of its category by authorities such as PC Magazine, Laptop Magazine, and Network World. Repeatedly first-to-market with breakthrough features and technological innovations including full Windows 7 compatibility (since February 2009) and 64-bit compatibility (since November 2008), System Mechanic 9 aims to offer significantly smarter, faster and deeper tune-ups than prior versions, as well as any other similar product or service available. After nearly two years of focused research and development, new version 9 represents exclusive technological developments in this next generation of PC tune-up and is a worthy heir to a venerable 11 year product legacy.


System Mechanic 9 is now powered by a database of nearly 10,000 independent Tuneup Definitions, which instruct the product on how to diagnose and resolve newly discovered PC performance issues. With weekly updates based on extensive ongoing research from iolo Labs (iolo technologies’ independent research arm), Tune-up Definitions empower the product with information that allows it to literally become increasingly effective over time.


Speed was a top priority in new version 9, with iolo engineers combing through every existing tool and function in order to optimize the product and push the performance envelope. As a result, scans, cleanups and repairs are faster; deep system analyses are up to 30 percent quicker, and iolo’s patent-pending idle-time maintenance technology, ActiveCare®, has an even lighter footprint than before.


Breakthrough discoveries from iolo Labs researchers have uncovered a multitude of previously unknown core problem areas in Windows 7, Vista and XP that can become significant culprits in the eventual PC clogging, slowdowns, crashes, and freezes. System Mechanic 9 targets all these new problem areas which, among other things, allow the product to detect roughly 5 times more registry errors, and defragment memory up to 25 percent more thoroughly.

New features

1. Tune-up Definitions: using a constantly updated set of Tune-up Definitions from iolo Labs to understand the behavior and impact of the various settings, programs, and services on PCs, System Mechanic 9 can identify and repair specific problem areas unique to each PC’s specific configuration; much the way an antivirus program uses Virus Definitions to identify specific threats. With Tune-up Definitions, the product literally gets smarter and more effective the longer you use it.

2. EnergyBooster: gives PCs an instant turbo-boost by using Tune-up Definitions to safely identify and temporarily turn off non-essential background programs. It offers raw performance for gamers, video and sound engineers, artists, web designers, stock traders, and other serious computer users, and can also automatically revert to prior settings when performance-critical tasks are finished.

3. Total Registry Revitalizer: incorporating new version 9’s dramatically increased registry error detection, the new Total Registry Revitalizer provides complete all-in-one care for the Windows registry, combining registry backup, repair, cleaning, compacting, and defragmentation in one seamless tool.

4. Desktop Health Status Gadget: the new Desktop Health Status Gadget for Windows 7 and Vista provides a realtime, at-a-glance report of your system health, security, and overall status, with a running feed of completed repairs and optimizations and quick access to commonly used System Mechanic tools, such as Memory Mechanic and the new EnergyBooster.

5. Incinerator for Recycle Bin: System Mechanic’s military-grade Incinerator® technology is now integrated into the Windows Recycle Bin, providing both standard file deletion, as well as a Department of Defense 5220-22M compliant file shredding technique for maximum security when the need to securely remove confidential data arises.