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2009 reviews


Review: LG New Chocolate Slide

When it comes to the 'fashion phone', LG has typically been first in and best dressed with handsets like the Prada and other 'Chocolate' branded phones. The...

Review: BlackBerry Bold 9700

The original BlackBerry Bold may be a couple of years old now, but it still remains the ultimate weapon of choice for email warriors the world over. Now, Bl...

Review: Star Trek (2009)

Every Christmas holiday period needs an epic blockbuster-style action movie the whole family can watch, and they don't come better than the prequelicious St...
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Review: Borderlands

The very first thing that Borderlands, from Gearbox Software, creators of the very successful Brothers in Arms series for Ubisoft, gets right are the playable ...

Review: Splinter

While there are some gruesome, look-away moments for sure, this low-budget horror movie achieves most of its fear factor from the barely-explained and there...

Review: Knowing

Another sci-fi vehicle for Nicholas Cage, Knowing again casts the gloomy thesp in a role that stretches credulity to the limits, that of Professor John Koes...