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Review: AppMonday: Defense Zone 2

Strategy games haven’t quite found the same comfortable sandbox on tablets and phones that they have on Windows and Mac, but Defense Zone gives it a good thwack with an addictive tower game....

Review: AppMonday: Star Trek – Timelines

Shock horror: the latest “Star Trek” game isn’t so much a game, but rather an excuse to let Star Trek fans let go of money for a freemium title that is less about a game and more about chance and randomness....

Review: AppMonday: Santa Tracker

Tracking Santa Claus can’t officially happen until the early hours of December 25, so Google hopes its little collection of games helps satisfy the kids. We’re not so sure....

Review: AppMonday: Chromatik

Musicians know only too well that their art and craft can’t always be played from a spur of the moment passion, as sometimes sheet music is required, but in a digital age, what do you do?...

Review: AppMonday: QuizUp

The useless knowledge we all have could fill a room, and possibly an encyclopaedia, but now you can flex your trivial knowledge muscle with a game that only takes a couple of minutes but can be hyper-addictive and very competitive....