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Mondays can be a little bare for news and reviews, so every Monday, we’re checking out an app we’re playing with, with a short and sweet review, and some details so you can play with it, too!


Review: AppMonday: Defense Zone 2

Strategy games haven’t quite found the same comfortable sandbox on tablets and phones that they have on Windows and Mac, but Defense Zone gives it a good thwack with an addictive tower game....

Review: AppMonday: Skip

Waiting in lines for coffee or food has never been fantastic, and so the world of mobile devices is coming to the rescue. Can an app really make your life a little easier?...

Review: AppMonday: Twilight

With so much time spent on phones, it can be easy to forget that w’ere staring at screens, and screens with a white that actually has a lot of blue in it. The problem is this isn’t good for our eyes, but fortunately, there’s an app for that....

Review: AppMonday: Serato Pyro

The next time you have a party, you might be thinking of hiring a DJ, because as good as “shuffle” is, continuous mix is better. Serato’s Pyro could just save you some money in this area, bringing a bit of DJ power to your constant mix....

Review: AppMonday: Suppertime

You get home and you’re tired. It’s been a long day at work and the last thing you want to do is make dinner. What can you do? Turn to an app, of course....

Review: AppMonday: Fetch! (iOS)

We have apps to help us work out what music we’ve heard and apps to find images we’ve just seen, but what about an app to let you find a dog breed you’ve seen in the park?...

Review: AppMonday: Playground

Making music can be an awesomely fun exercise, but it's not something we all have the mindset for. If you're into playful electronica, however, Playground makes it possible to flex a muscle you didn't even know you had....

Review: AppMonday: Star Trek – Timelines

Shock horror: the latest “Star Trek” game isn’t so much a game, but rather an excuse to let Star Trek fans let go of money for a freemium title that is less about a game and more about chance and randomness....

Review: AppMonday: Camera Noir

Colour photography isn’t for everyone, and so if you prefer seeing the world through a monochromatic lens, an app for the iPhone aims to make that possible. If only it worked well....