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Blu-ray 3D for sport?

We were intrigued when we spotted in JB Hi Fi a new Blu-ray 3D title. It was a footy match. Not just any match, it was the exciting draw in the Australian Football League Grand Final of 2010. Obviously the 3D almost-conclusion to the 2010 season appearing on Blu-ray was welcome, but how could it be presented in Blu-ray 3D?... (Read More)

Making 3D from 2D

The headline story for television in 2010, 3D is now just another feature you will – for the most part – get for free in any mid-priced and above TV in 2011 if Samsung’s lead is to be followed.... (Read More)

Review: LG HR559D

Model numbers can sometimes be confusing, and LG’s HR559D doesn’t help. It essentially replaces the LG HR599D. One subtle digit of difference. But the effective practical difference is that the new model adds support for Blu-ray 3D.... (Read More)