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Blu-ray player reviews


Review: Pioneer BDP-LX52

With the BDP-LX52, Pioneer has moved to the correct side of the thousand dollar barrier for Blu-ray players, and at the same time produced a full featured u...

Review: Sony BDP-S760

Sony's new BDP-S760 Blu-ray player is a premium model, and the first to appear with a feature that we think will become the norm over the next couple of yea...

Review: LG BD370

This Blu-ray player, and its predecessor the BD300, raises a question: if LG can do it, why can't anyone else? And I'm not talking about the YouTube playbac...

Review: Sony PlayStation 3

UPDATE 3 MARCH, 2009: We have a new PlayStation 3 review, looking at it purely as a Blu-ray player. Here it is - the PlayStation 3. The AV device everyon...