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JURA Live – want more information?

March 22, 2018

Jura, makers of automatic domestic and commercial coffee makers, have released JURA live. It is a web-enabled way to talk to a real person about

DeLonghi’s latest coffee machine has your barista in sights

April 7, 2016

There’s a new coffee machine in town, and it actually has the potential to cut down on the business your regular barista gets from you. Even from a brief hands on, it’s just that good.

Nespresso connects to phones for your daily dose of java

March 4, 2016

Forget reminding yourself to ever have a cup of coffee again, because the latest Nespresso gadget will make that cup when you tell it to using only your phone (and a coffee pod).

KitchenAid to bring three types of coffee to your home

February 4, 2016

There’s a good chance you like a cup of coffee in the morning, and if you’re anything like me, you like it several times a day, but what if you like it in more than just espresso? KitchenAid will have three solutions.

GadgetGuy 2015 Holiday Gift Guide: Home

December 11, 2015

Sometimes the best presents are the ones that benefit the entire family, and help the homestead, and that’s exactly what this set of suggestions focuses on.

Aldi consults with pro baristas for a new machine

November 17, 2015

Coffee pod makers aren’t always created equal, something our reviews tend to indicate, but Aldi is looking to improving its own system, and has even grabbed a coffee making champion to make it happen.

Nespresso, Kitchenaid team up for metal macchiato maker

October 28, 2015

Nespresso’s encapsulated coffee machines have never been about the properly premium finish, but in a new machine built by Kitchenaid, it’s all about the old fashioned charm.

Saeco builds a couple of convenient coffee machines

September 8, 2015

Aussies love their coffee, but we also like it to be easy, and so we’re big buyers of the capsule machines out there. But if neither Nespresso or Lavazza work for you, what then?

Nespresso touches up its Lattissima range

April 30, 2015

Nespresso’s brand of instant espresso sure does attract a lot of attention, but if you’re after more than an espresso — say something with milk in it — you have to do it yourself, pouring the milk separately. Unless you eye the Lattissima range, and that’s one model Nespresso is giving the gift of touch.

Miele crafts a coffee machine for small bench tops

April 20, 2015

If you’ve ever lived in a home with a small kitchen, a larger space to prep your food is pretty much the first thing on your new home wish list, but if you’re stuck where you are and reaching for more bench space, Miele is trying to throw you a bone with a coffee machine that aims to be helpful and compact.

DeLonghi ups the espresso ante with automated authenticity

April 2, 2015

The encapsulated coffee market is growing, but there’s still plenty of room for traditional espresso machines, and the latest crop doesn’t need you to learn any skills at all.

Lavazza dives into budget barista-ing with $399 machine

March 27, 2015

Lavazza’s style of instant espresso has generally been focused on the budget market that were happy to add milk themselves and forgo the froth, but a new machine coming from the company could just bring textured coffee drinks to back to the kitchen for not too much cash.

DeLonghi’s latest coffee contraption caters to craft and convenience

July 22, 2014

Like many people, we’re big fans of the convenience that encapsulated coffee offers, but when we want to dart across the road for some real beans, our machines can’t help us. Fortunately, DeLonghi has a new appliance that solves both dilemmas.

Lavazza makes a mini mocha making machine

June 23, 2014

The instant espresso thing we call “inspresso” is heating up, and not just because the beverage is hot. With Nespresso putting the pressure on with less expensive models, it’s time for Lavazza to fire a shot in return with the miniature Minu.

Inspresso: something astronauts can soon enjoy

June 18, 2014

The few people sitting up in the International Space Station may well have the best view of all of us, but the one thing they don’t have is a fresh cup of coffee, and while you can just go to the kitchen or coffee shop to grab one, there are a few obstacles for space explorers to overcome.

DeLonghi adds an LCD to Nespresso to make espresso really easy

March 4, 2014

Like most Australians, our love affair with coffee is a constant one, and partially thanks to the caffeine injection we just had, we’re buzzing about a new Nespresso machine DeLonghi has engineered.

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