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Review: Review: Dyson Cool (AM06)

Here come the warmer months and that reason to get the old trusty fan out. But before you do, you might want to consider a healthy update of the personal cooling device, as Dyson updates its original air multiplier, making the whole thing quieter than before....

Dyson Hot now even cooler than before

Last year's Dyson Hot+Cool made headlines for being one of those snazzy blade-less air multiplying devices able to both heat up and cool down a room, thus reducing the need for buying both a fan and a heater. But while its cooling abilities left something to be desired, this year, you might actually find it useful on a hot day....

Review: Review: Dyson AM01 Fan

If you've walked into a department or electrics store in the past couple of years, you've seen them: Dyson's blade-less fan, also known as the Air Multiplier. With a hot summer now here, it's time to check out the AM01, the baby of the range that brings with it a $400 price tag and the ability to make your air colder....