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Kogan switches on to 4G early(ish)

May 26, 2016

If you’re a Kogan mobile customer with a 4G phone, it’s very possible you woke up to a bit of a surprise this week. Congratulations, you’ve joined the modern era.

Kogan saves Dick Smith, but only the online business

March 15, 2016

Your local Dick Smith store has been on the chopping block for a few weeks now as it attempts to sell all stock, but good news, because the store has been saved. Sort of.

Kogan crafts a “high end gaming” laptop, but is it?

October 23, 2015

If you’re in the market for you a new laptop, like with mobile phones, you are spoiled for choice, but if you know what market you want to buy in, it makes it easier. Take gaming laptops, because there’s a specific type of laptop there, and Kogan wants a piece.

Aussies turning away from cash as businesses go cashless

October 1, 2015

We’ve always had a fondness for the Australian note currency. After all, it’s colourful, plastic, and less of a hassle than the coins that weigh down our pockets and can be found at the back of the couch. But ask Australians these days and they’ll say cards are where it’s at.

Kogan hits HiFi with a budget receiver system

February 20, 2014

Not everyone has thousands of dollars to spend on home theatre systems, and here to fill that gap is Australian e-tailer Kogan.

Finally, a good use for QR codes: MasterCard shows a new way to e-pay

October 24, 2013

Square barcodes have never really found a useful place in society, stuck somewhere between posters and ways to set up your printer, but MasterCard has been working on something, and it's pretty freakin' cool.

Oppo smartphone heading to Australia this month

September 9, 2013

A brand not normally known for smartphones and more commonly associated with Blu-ray will be shaking up the shelves of at least one store shortly, as Oppo's 5 inch Full HD device heads to Australia.

Five for less: how does Kogan beat Apple’s iPhone 5 price?

September 18, 2012

When Apple announced its flagship iPhone 5 last week, Australian e-tailer Kogan was one of the first to make pre-orders available, even beating Apple itself. Not only that, but Kogan managed to beat the pricing by a hundred bucks per tier, so how can they do it?

Australian e-tailer Kogan undercuts Apple with a cheaper iPhone 5

September 13, 2012

Some people are so keen to buy the new iPhone 5 that they're already itching to join the pre-order line before it opens on Apple's online store tomorrow. But hey, there's good news, because another store has a virtual line today, and it even offers a better price than Apple.

Nikon casts net over grey market, gives reason to buy Australian

March 6, 2012

Recently, electronics stores including JB HiFi and Kogan started selling grey market goods to consumers through their online presences, effectively giving consumers a break from the high cost of local pricing. Nikon has now apparently woken up to this, and it's good news for customers.

Kogan adds more products from other brands, it’s not all grey

January 25, 2012

You may have heard that e-tailer Kogan has been getting into selling more than just products with the "Kogan" brand name, adding the likes of Apple and Canon last year. Now the company is at it again, adding computer and headphone brands to the growing list.

Kogan selling big brand smartphones, warranty still a concern

September 28, 2011

Two weeks ago, Australian e-tailer Kogan made headlines when it announced that it would sell big name cameras and tablets at cheaper prices than stores. Now, it's doing the same with smartphones.

Kogan to sell iPad, Canon and Samsung cheaper than stores

September 14, 2011

Online electronics retailer Kogan is expanding its discount product offering, but the new range does not wear the company's own nameplate. Instead, Kogan will sell cameras and tablets from brands such as Samsung, Apple, Nikon, and Canon, and sell them more cheaply than retail stores.

E-Tail or Retail: When to buy online, and when from a bricks-and-mortar store

June 17, 2011

High street retailers say they are under attack from virtual stores selling more cheaply: should we feel sorry for them, or follow the bargains online? Anthony Fordham reveals where’s best to spend your electronics dollar, and when.