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Nikon announces D5, D500, both with 4K video

January 8, 2016

The mirrorless cameras have been waving 4K video for so long that many of us wondered when DSLRs would join the party. Fortunately, they’re about to, as Nikon delivers UHD video in two digital SLRs.

Yikes: Sony’s next compact is 42 megapixels and full-frame

October 15, 2015

If advanced cameras are sort of your thing and any old box won’t do, Sony’s next compact has your name all over it, sporting a full-frame sensor set to 42 megapixels. Just wow.

Leica builds a full-frame camera for everyday life in the Q

June 15, 2015

People who love cameras and the art of photography are likely more than familiar with the “Leica” brand and the inherent cost of owning one, but a new advanced compact could find that middle ground and still keep the quality in just as high regard.

Canon goes big with a 50 megapixel full-frame camera

February 6, 2015

Digital SLRs have some major competition with the mirror-less shooters out there, so how do you beat them? Make the sensor bigger and studio quality.

Full-frame to go: Sony updates the RX1

June 28, 2013

Photographic enthusiasts who know the value of a full-frame camera will be keen to see that Sony has updated its full-frame compact camera, one of the only models of its kind.

The D600 unveiled: Nikon’s less-pricey full-frame option

September 13, 2012

With Photokina on next week, the camera companies are busy showing off their new products for the rest of the year. While more announcements are expected in the coming days, Nikon is now showing us its wares, with the D600 full-frame camera being outed in Australia.

Sony’s new digital cameras: full-frame for the win

September 12, 2012

Ahead of Photokina next week in Germany, Sony is showing its hand, with lots of new cameras aimed at letting anyone capture the best image possible, whether they're doing it with a small camera or one the size of your head.

Nikon announces new lenses, hints at a new camera

June 19, 2012

With Canon talking up its latest development in digital SLR technology, Nikon is announcing something new too, updating the world with some lenses which may give us an insight into what other products the company might be introducing.

Nikon D800: no price set, Nikon says find the best

March 23, 2012

Camera manufacturer Nikon has released its next big digital SLR, a whopping 36.3 megapixel beast with 1080p Full HD video support. Interestingly, there's no recommended retail price, and the company is telling customers to shop around.

Canon updates the 5D, brings it to Mark III

March 3, 2012

Enthusiast photographers and professional videographers have something to be happy about, as Canon has announced the follow-up to its applauded EOS 5D Mark II.

Nikon unveils D800 DSLR: 36 megapixels, USB 3, Full HD video

February 7, 2012

The fight for 2012's best camera appears to have started, with Nikon announcing a camera with the world's largest megapixel count in a digital SLR.