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Web tool “Reword” could help stop bullying before it starts

April 4, 2016

Anyone can be a bully, but a new browser plugin has the potential to tell anyone when what they’re writing is downright wrong and offensive.

Acer sticks with Google Chrome OS for laps, desks

January 5, 2016

Acer makes a bunch of computers, and most of these tend to get Windows on them, but if you prefer your machines to be made for the web without the threat of most viruses, two models from Acer coming this year could suit.

Google updates Chromebook Pixel with USB Type-C

March 13, 2015

Apple isn’t the only one with the new “Type-C” USB ports, as Google has this week updated its high-resolution Chromebook Pixel, and guess what? Type-C USB is there with it.

Acer looks beyond Windows with more Chrome machines

October 21, 2014

There’s more to computers than just Windows or Mac, and Acer is looking beyond both of those (or the only one of those it’s allowed to use) as the company embraces Google’s Chrome in two laptops and one small desktop box.

HP’s student-ready laptops fight for space in the backpacks of your kids

September 11, 2014

All eyes may well be on Apple’s iPhone 6 this week, but there’s a place in our hearts and possibly the luggage your kids drag to school every day for some notebooks made by HP, with machines for the little ones when you’re on a real budget.

Fetch TV builds a way to block out web results during World Cup

June 6, 2014

If you’re a football fanatic and are already readying the earplugs to stop co-workers and friends from discussing the game until you get home, there may be at least a way to stop your browser from letting you see the scores.

HP’s 2014 slate looks to budgets with Google

June 5, 2014

The netbook may well be dead, but HP still wants to offer customers inexpensive computers, as the company explores more options with Google’s Android and Chrome.

Acer brings touch to a Chromebook and a tiny tablet

March 12, 2014

Portable computers look set to improve this month, as Acer releases a budget tablet destined to take on Apple’s iPad Mini, and a new Chromebook that lets gives your fingers some more fun.

Naked Geeks – February 15, 2014

February 15, 2014

This week on the Naked Geeks,we’re taking a long hard look at the life of memory cards and when they should fail, as well as what to do if it happens. There will also be news, a budget laptop reviewed, and a wolf whistle or two.

LG talks up new laptops, monitors and Chrome OS, and we go hands-on

February 12, 2014

During CES, we heard that LG was planning to make itself more known in computers, and now after playing with the slate for the first half of the year, we can see why.

Google builds a Chromebook with HP with USB charging

February 5, 2014

We’ve seen some interesting collaborations with Google in the past couple of years, including the Nexus 7 with Asus and the Nexus 5 with LG, and now, HP is coming together for a Chromebook that comes in under $400.

Toshiba’s first Chromebook priced and available locally

January 29, 2014

The web browser-based operating system that is Google’s Chrome OS is beginning to provide an interesting entry point for new computer owners, particularly those that rely heavily on the web, and Toshiba wants in, releasing its first Chromebook in Australia.

LEGO comes to Google’s Chrome, time wasting just got serious

January 29, 2014

Time wasters have a new contender with something that was not only made in Australia, but lets all adults be kids once again, and without leaving their desks.

Google sending Now notification cards to desktops, laptops shortly

January 17, 2014

Google’s awesome sauce personalised notification system known as “Google Now” provides some neat information on mobile phones, and it could soon make its way to desktops and laptops, as Google tries the idea out on Chrome testers.

Google delivers easy photo editing with Snapseed for browsers

September 17, 2013

One of our favourite apps on mobile devices is Snapseed, a program Google grabbed when it acquired Nik Software that allows you to edit photos with ease. It disappeared from Windows and Mac earlier this year, but Google has done one step better, making it work on browsers.

Ask GadgetGuy: what is Australian scrolling?

May 6, 2013

As Australians, we can be proud of things made by other Aussies. The black box (which is actually orange) is a very cool piece of tech. The pacemaker, ultrasound, spray-on skin, and WiFi are all brilliant, too. One thing that we haven't invented, though, has been named after us, and that is a type of mouse scrolling.

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