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HP goes svelte in 2016, gets gaming with HTC Vive VR

January 8, 2016

HP may have been on the brink of death a few years ago, but all of that is in the past, as HP pushes on with some intriguing hardware designs and the guts to make sure VR isn’t just about the headset, but about the computer used, too.

HP teams up with Bang & Olufsen for sound collaboration

March 25, 2015

HP has a history in working with companies that love sound, and now that Beats is owned by Apple, it obviously needs a new partner, which is why it is turning to sound innovators B&O.

HP tablets and laptops to gain global WiFi for a year

October 13, 2014

Going on holiday often means looking for a way of staying connected, and if your hotel has it, great, but what if it doesn’t? HP owners look like they won’t have to worry about this problem moving forward, though, thanks to a new deal happening.

HP rethinks the portable desktop with a 20 inch tablet

May 24, 2013

There are those of you out there who just love laptops that act as desktop replacement. We won't name names, but some of you prefer a big laptop that works as well as a big desktop. Years ago, HP tried something like this, and while the 20 inch Dragon wasn't a huge success, it's hoping the Rove will be.

HP ready to expand their notebook computer range before Xmas

September 15, 2009

HP have read the notebook computer tea leaves, and divined that Australians need more choice in the “thin and light” section of the market. At

HP Mini 1000 notebook computer – video review

July 15, 2009

The HP Mini 1000 is one of the new breed of netbook computers, portable but powered down a touch – it’s really all about portability

HP computer purchasers from today can upgrade to Windows 7 in October

June 26, 2009

HP today announced it will offer the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system on consumer and business PCs beginning October 22. To meet customers’ computing needs

HP TouchSmart IQ520 series desktop computer – a video tour

June 17, 2009

GadgetGuy has just had one of the new HP TouchSmart IQ520 series desktop computers in for a look – the model IQ 525a was the