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Review: AppMonday: Pac-man 256

Endless runner games like “Temple Run” and “Flappy Bird” are certainly addictive, but what happens when you mix them with the old school retrolicious charm of 80s arcade gaming?...

Review: AppMonday: Rain Parrot (iOS, Apple Watch)

You can always rely on Murphy’s Law if you ever decide to take your umbrella out to find that it doesn’t rain, forcing you to carry the thing around regardless, but Rain Parrot could help with a dash of hyperlocal forecasts....

Zomato to connect food with foodies in new app

Finding food and new places to eat at is sometimes what’s on the menu for many of us, but if you tire of trying to find a new place to dine simply by wandering into town and hoping you run across it, an app is on the way to help out. ...