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Review: HP Split X2

HP's hybrid tablet laptop design has been a popular one in the Envy X2, but the idea of an 11 inch Intel Atom-powered machine isn't going to be for everyone, and if you need more size and grunt, HP has a different approach.... (Read More)

Review: LG Z360 Ultrabook

LG has been making computer parts for some time, but it hasn't had a hand in modern notebook computing, at least not in our country. This year, however, we've had a taste for a tablet produced by LG, and now it's time for an Ultrabook, with a thin, light, and white piece of engineering making its way to stores now.... (Read More)

A whole new hinge: Acer’s Aspire R7 reviewed

Everyone has a different take on what a laptop should be, especially in the world of touch-devices, but what if you could have a machine that was part laptop, part tablet, and part all-in-one desktop? That's the premise with Acer's Aspire R7, an experimental concept that tries to deliver the best of every PC world available today.... (Read More)

Review: Acer Aspire P3

Ultrabooks aren't merely ultra thin laptops these days. No, they can be so much more, and Acer is out to prove just that, with the P3, a tablet that's classed like an Ultrabook thanks to similar innards and the addition of a keyboard case.... (Read More)