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Wacom’s graphics tablet now comes with a computer

August 20, 2013

While the term "tablet" might sound new in the iPad post-PC era, before the digital flattop portable computer, it was one associated with graphic tablets. This week, the company that practically started it all announced all new products, and we're excited to see the graphic tablet is all grown up.

Acer launches the Aspire R7: hands-on with a true hybrid

June 27, 2013

With so many touchscreen tablet-equipped laptops out there, the computing landscape is truly changing. Acer has noticed, and with a new notebook, is really rethinking things, coming up with a machine that has more in common with an all-in-one desktop than your traditional portable computer.

HP opens doors to Windows and Android tablets

June 25, 2013

Laptops are changing, and HP is betting that the world of the tablet-laptop hybrid will be the place it wants to be, as the company showcases a few new computers that push this area in two directions.

How to spot the difference between old and new Intel when buying a laptop

June 14, 2013

This week, Intel showed its new chips to Australians for the first time, and that means faster laptops with better battery performance are on the way. But what of the older computers? How do you spot the difference, and can you save money buy buying older tech before the new ones come out?

LG adds a dash of ultra with Windows 8 notebooks in Australia

June 4, 2013

One of the things that grabbed our attention when we attended the Consumer Electronics Show earlier in the year was the existence of touchscreen computers from LG, a category that the company has never really shown interest in releasing locally, until now that is.

Lenovo adds a “twist” to Ultrabooks for Windows 8

October 11, 2012

With the impending launch of Microsoft's next operating system and its more tablet oriented design, you're going to see more computers with touch screens in the next few weeks than ever before. This week, Lenovo is showing us what it intends to launch, with the announcement of the ThinkPad Twist.

Fourth-generation Intel Core processors coming to tablets, Ultrabooks next year

September 12, 2012

Did you think Intel's recently released third-generation "Ivy Bridge" Core processor technology was something special? You ain't seen nothin' yet, with Intel talking up the next development in San Francisco this week.

Hands-on with Sony’s first Ultrabook Touch computer

September 10, 2012

Intel's thin and sleek Ultrabook computers have been the biggest thing in laptops for the past year, but now we're about to see a shift, and Sony's letting us take a look at its first product to come out in the Ultrabook Touch category.

Dell adds two Ultrabooks: aluminium, Ivy Bridge, and up to 11 hours battery life

June 27, 2012

A few weeks ago, Intel officially launched its new and improvement processor range, and now manufacturers have been updating their machines for the occasion. Dell has just thrown two more machines out there, with the new XPS 14 and 15 boasting slick design, solid metal build, and performance improvements.

No sticker for Intel’s Ivy Bridge: ask when you buy

June 13, 2012

When Intel updated its Core processors to second-generation, the company brought with it a new type of art to show what you were getting. With the latest generation now in its third version – also known as Ivy Bridge – Intel is changing that.

Apple’s new MacBook Pro: goodbye 17-inch, hello new 15-inch Retina screen

June 12, 2012

Over in San Francisco, Apple was talking about some new products at the start of its Worldwide Developers Conference, updating its MacBook Pro computers by killing off one model and introducing something the industry hadn't seen before today.

Dell hits wallets with a $799 Ultrabook… with a catch

June 6, 2012

With Intel's third-generation Core processor launching officially in Australia, Dell has released its next batch of laptops, one of which is an Ultrabook coming in under the thousand dollar mark.

A stroke of genius: hands-on with Toshiba’s first 21:9 PC

June 5, 2012

More than just "another widescreen panel", Toshiba has this week unveiled a new laptop sporting a world first CinemaScope screen, making it possible to show a widescreen film without the black bars we're so used to seeing.

Dell’s 27 XPS is an Ivy Bridge packing all-in-one

May 30, 2012

Dell's latest addition to its lineup of computers is an all-in-one sporting a big 27 inch widescreen display and the latest chips from Intel.

Lenovo adds sharpens its Edge with Ivy Bridge

May 27, 2012

More computers are on the way from the professional computer brand Lenovo, and they're bringing a burst of Intel's speed in spades.

Alienware offers more power for gaming on the go

May 21, 2012

The recent spate of laptop news has come on the heels of Intel's new Core processor technology, and here's another announcement, with Alienware refreshing its laptops for the occasion.

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