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Review: Review: Acer Aspire V 15 (2015)

Ultrabooks aren't for everyone, and if you feel you still need a big screen and an optical drive, Acer hopes it has something in the form of the Aspire V15. Is it right, or could you go better with something else?...

Review: Apple MacBook Air 13 inch (2011)

One of the world's thinnest notebooks has received an update, bringing the MacBook Air in line with the rest of Apple's computers and throwing in a new high-performance processor, backlit keys and the latest version of Mac OS X....

Review: ASUS N51VG

When it comes to choosing a notebook you have three options: grab a super-stylish and super-expensive Apple, pay a similar price for a "top brand" Windows n...

Review: Dell Adamo S510302AU

In a market increasing focussed on low cost netbooks, Dell has gone the other way, producing a "prestige" notebook computer that's hard on the wallet but ea...