Samsung connects its compact system cameras to WiFi

We've seen compact cameras with WiFi, a memory card with WiFi, and now we get to see a interchangeable lens camera with the tech inside for under a grand. This week, Samsung is unveiling the NX20 and NX1000, two cameras with 20 megapixel sensors and the ability to send those images straight to the web when they're connected to a WiFi network.... (Read More)

Review: Olympus E-P3

Olympus has been releasing Micro Four-Thirds cameras with old school-styling for some years, and its latest combines a nicely retro body with a new 12 megapixel sensor, lots of creative options and a built-in flash. Could the E-P3 be the best Olympus camera to date?... (Read More)

Unboxing: Nikon J1

Nikon's first foray in the compact mirror-less interchangeable lens camera market is here with the J1, a tiny camera featuring a 10 megapixel sensor, Full HD video, and a smart photo selection system aimed at giving you more shots with one shutter press.... (Read More)