mixing music


AppMonday: Serato Pyro

The next time you have a party, you might be thinking of hiring a DJ, because as good as “shuffle” is, continuous mix is better. Serato’s Pyro could just save you some money in this area, bringing a bit of DJ power to your constant mix.... (Read More)

AppMonday: Playground

Making music can be an awesomely fun exercise, but it's not something we all have the mindset for. If you're into playful electronica, however, Playground makes it possible to flex a muscle you didn't even know you had.... (Read More)

Djay (iPad app)

If there's one thing a DJ learns quickly, it's that decks cost money. And then there's Djay, a new app for the iPad that turns your tablet into a pair of digital record players for $20.... (Read More)