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HP’s student-ready laptops fight for space in the backpacks of your kids

September 11, 2014

All eyes may well be on Apple’s iPhone 6 this week, but there’s a place in our hearts and possibly the luggage your kids drag to school every day for some notebooks made by HP, with machines for the little ones when you’re on a real budget.

How to refresh an old laptop with a new solid state drive

August 14, 2013

If you need a new computer, but don't have the money to go all out and buy a totally new laptop, it might be worth considering an update that can give that notebook a new lease on life.

Samsung adds to Google’s Chomebooks in Australia

March 27, 2013

Acer may have introduced Australia's first Chromebook last week, but it won't be the only company to do so, with the second Chrome OS laptop coming from Samsung this week.

Unboxing: Asus Eee Pad Transformer

July 7, 2011

A little over a month ago, we took a first look at the "Transformer", the first of the Google Android tablets from Asus that boasted a keyboard with a built-in battery. From our initial hands-on, we loved the idea, and thought that this was one of the first tablets to really bring something different to the iPad.

Can the iPad replace a notebook?

July 5, 2011

At the announcement of the second iPad in early 2011, Steve Jobs declared it was more than a toy. But what exactly are its productivity credentials?

GadgetGuy Holiday Gift Guide: Computers

December 2, 2010

Those without a computer, want one; and those who have one want a better, faster, thinner one. Always. That’s the law. Here’s our pick of