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new iPad

Apple’s third-generation iPad is being called “The new iPad,” and features the highest definition screen to be seen in a mobile device. It will be sold alongside the old iPad, which in this case is the iPad 2.

iPad 4 tested: not just a bit faster, it’s what the iPad 3 should have been

When Apple announced the iPad Mini last week, it was pretty much the tablet most people expected it to be. A seven incher with a thin body and Lightning port, we all saw it coming. But the revamped 9.7 inch iPad with Retina screen? This was more of a surprise, and while it looked pretty similar from the outside, we decided to give it a test to see just how the 4th generation iPad compares to the current model.... (Read More)

Review: Review: iKeyboard for iPad

External iPad keyboards often come with added bulk, an extra weight and thickness that brings the iPad size closer to that of a proper laptop when all you wanted was a better typing experience. But what if there was a way to turn the onscreen keyboard into something a little more tactile.... (Read More)

Review: Review: Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad

Outside of the trusty stylus and a pair of headphones, the most useful accessory for the iPad is probably the physical keyboard, making it possibly to turn Apple's popular tablet into an awesome 9.7 inch laptop. Logitech has released a few of these in the past year, and the new Ultrathin tries to make the keyboard more of a magnetic smart cover by combining the technologies.... (Read More)