Review: Review: Oppo N3

Selfie cameras are all the rage in smartphones, but what if you could have one phone camera that takes beautiful shots on one side, and can automatically flip to the front for your self portrait? That’s the idea with Oppo’s N3, with a camera that can shift position when you touch the screen.... (Read More)

Review: Review: Oppo N1 Mini

Do you like selfies but are sick of the one or two megapixel cameras smartphones are coming with? Oppo's answer to this is an interesting one, putting the 13 megapixel rear camera on a hinge and making it work both sides. Is it a success?... (Read More)

Full HD phone announced from Blu-ray set maker Oppo

It's nice to know that there are more smartphone makers out there than just the big ones. You might not have heard of Oppo, but if you have, you know them for making high-end Blu-ray players, one of the few things sold from the company in this country. Now, that same company has a mobile handset, and it's sporting some pretty high-end specs.... (Read More)