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Review: Revo Ikon

Features   Apart from iPod music playback via a dock that slides out from the front, the Ikon also offers inbuilt support for DAB+, Internet radio, l...

Review: Revo Blok

Features The Blok is undeniably an eye-catching premium iPod/iPhone dock. As its name suggests, it's rather blocky. That's not just a description of its shape,...

Review: Revo Pico DAB+

As the name implies, the Pico is small. It's not iPod-put-it-in-your-pocket small, but the case would be just large enough to hold a drink can inside, which...

Review: Revo Uno

The Revo Uno digital radio is a product that's similar in size if not design to the Revo Pico, and designed primarily for use as clock radio. A tubular radi...