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Olympus gets tough on action cameras with the Tracker

May 24, 2016

GoPro may get the attention for cameras that can take a beating, but Olympus was there ages ago, and we’re now seeing a return of sorts.

Alcatel builds a 4G water-resistant phone for under $300

April 19, 2016

One of the key features for 2016 phones is coming to a mobile under $300, as Alcatel unveils a budget device ready to take on the water.

Panasonic makes hybrid computers even tougher

March 16, 2016

Need computers a little tougher than what you find at your local electronics store? Put through over 500 tests, Panasonic’s latest Toughbook may fit the bill.

HP toughens its Spectre for something “Elite”

March 14, 2016

The word “elite” isn’t one to be trifled with. It’s a word suggesting the best of the best, and in a new computer from HP, it’s clear the company is striving for more than just another me-too machine.

HP returns to phones with a Windows mobile-PC hybrid

February 22, 2016

Mobile World Congress is revealing quite a few concepts, from modularity to water-resistance, but HP’s push to make business have better continuity is not what we expected from the PC maker.

Olympus unveils something tough, something long for 2016

January 7, 2016

Compact cameras may not do as well as they once did, now that phones are taking over from them, but if you need to take a camera underwater or into the snow, you might need something made for the purpose, and one of the originals is back with a new tough camera.

What does “waterproof” really mean for gadgets?

November 19, 2015

Waterproof gadgets are now a thing, as phones and tablets are beginning to be less afraid of getting wet. But what does this mean, and can a waterproof gadget still drown?

Motorola builds a “shatterproof” phone for a less fragile world

October 30, 2015

Sick of seeing broken phones everywhere you go? Motorola is as well, and has come up with a phone it says has a screen that won’t break when you drop it.

OtterBox drop tests the iPhone, builds a case in the process

October 9, 2015

Let’s just get this out of the way: do not drop your iPhone intentionally unless you have the funds to buy a new one. If you don’t, good news, because a case maker has done that testing for you and produced a solid case in the process.

UE’s Boom 2 to be louder, waterproof, easier to control

September 15, 2015

There are so many Bluetooth speakers out there that we wouldn’t be surprised if everyone had at least one in their life. But if you’re a little more active than most, one brand springs to mind, and its new model is for people who aren’t afraid to get wet.

Lifeproof builds a water-tight iPad case, but what happens if it fails?

August 7, 2015

If you read books, watch movies, and use an iPad Air for everything, it makes total sense to bring it everywhere you go, but what about the beach, the pool, or somewhere with a risk of water damage? Lifeproof has an answer, but it won't be for everyone.

Sony makes a splash with a water-resistant mid-range phone

August 3, 2015

Water resistance isn’t something that graces every phone, but Sony wants this to be a feature on more than just the top-tier models, as it delivers an IP rating and a hint of ruggedisation to a new mid-range model.

Otterbox ruggedises, leather wraps phones with Strada

July 30, 2015

When we first encountered the brand Otterbox, it was a brand dedicated to making sure your phone survived an encounter with the hard, hard ground at any cost. That hasn’t changed a few years on, but at least the company has learned something about keeping things slim.

Ultimate Ears makes speakers flat, semi-wearable

June 18, 2015

Speakers have been fun for a while now, what with hydrophobic coatings that repel water and the ability to pair up speakers to make surround sound where ever you are, but wearable speakers? That’s something new.

G-Tech shows some hard drives can take a tumble

June 5, 2015

Hard drives should never take a tumble, but if you're fearing that an external drive could do just that, it might be time to look at one built for falls.

Panasonic tackles an action camera, is it enough to take on GoPro?

May 28, 2015

There certainly are quite a few action cameras out there, and there might even be room for one more, as Panasonic embraces its inner Iron Man and brings its ruggedised knowhow to a Go Pro competitor.

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