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Review: AppMonday: Pixl

Tired of the same old same old selfies and snapshots? Pixl changes the formula slightly by pixelating your images and bringing squares, triangles, half circles, and more....

Review: Review: Nokia Lumia 735

Smartphones can be found for all manner of price points, but you generally don’t get a decent camera unless you spend in excess of $400. Nokia wants to change that, though, releasing a model that sneaks in under that tag and brings at least five megapixels to both the back and the front. Selfies ahoy!...

Selfie sticks banned in some world museums, so what about Australia?

One of our faux pas for this year was the use of selfie sticks in places that just get in the way. We experienced it at an art gallery all too recently, and recently we heard that some galleries and museums around the world have stopped people from using the selfie stick, but what about Australian places?...