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Twitter hacks highlight the importance of strong passwords

May 26, 2016

We’re reminded of why good passwords are needed on a fairly regular basis, and after a spate of attacks on Twitter accounts, you may want to check your social networking accounts for security, too.

Don’t panic: Instagram isn’t broken

March 29, 2016

Over the past 24 hours, Instagram subscribers have been in a bit of a frenzy, telling followers to switch on notifications for fear they get lost in an Instagram algorithm change. What’s going on?

Twitter to turn conversations into curated connected “Moments”

March 2, 2016

Citizens of the web who love themselves a little bit of socialising may find Twitter has a new box for them to explore today, as the local arm switches on a new section.

Social engineering to lead cybersecurity attacks

February 24, 2016

You might think you know your friends on Facebook and Twitter, but these services could end up being the next place you’re conned, according to a new report.

GoPro goes live with Periscope and a phone

January 28, 2016

You can do some pretty awesomesauce things with a GoPro already, what with the tolerance for outdoors and water, but now you can do it all live.

Apple’s Live Photos arrive on Facebook

December 30, 2015

Ever since we reviewed Apple's iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, we've been trying to find a use for the semi-animated "Live Photos" concept, but if you're a Facebook user, you now have one.

Print returns as students struggle with staying online

October 6, 2015

Is being permanently hooked to the world wide web hurting the way students study? According to a new research, it may well be, as Canon chimes in to say studying from paper may be better for your children’s health than using a connected device.

Instagram gets over the square, allows rectangles too

August 28, 2015

Square photos have predominantly been seen as something of a retro thing, as people recall Polaroid-esque images through Instagram, but the photographic social network isn’t going to limit you to squares only from here on in.

Twitter to let you message friends in over 140 characters

August 13, 2015

Twitter’s 140 character limit got you down? That has now changed, but only for sending messages directly to friends.

Whiskas brings Instagram to cats with Catstacam

March 19, 2015

It’s official: cats dominate the Internet, and you should prepare for a little more of that feline focus, as Whiskas builds a gadget that works with Instagram to upload pictures of what your little furry friend is doing all day.

Flow imagines a home screen that’s all about your life

January 20, 2015

Android may not have the ecosystem where the games land first, but it does let you change the look and feel of a phone to make it match your life, with loads of customisation options, and if you’re particularly social, a new style of presenting the Android home screen may be suited just for you.

Facebook turns 10 (let us all blow out the candles)

February 4, 2014

There’s a big birthday today, and no it’s not ours, but thanks for asking. Rather, it’s one of the world’s most popular social networks, with Facebook hitting the big ten.

Social networks add a chef’s hat with My Recipe Jar

July 15, 2013

Twitter and Facebook might be the biggest and most used social networks, but they're not for everyone, as demonstrated by a new network designed to make cooking easier for budding chefs.

Pheed offers teens and tweens a new place to meet online

April 17, 2013

If you thought Facebook and Twitter were all there was when it came to social networks, watch out, because teens are likely logging into a new place you've never heard of.

Basics: How to find videos on YouTube

January 2, 2013

There's a huge selection of content on YouTube – millions of videos in fact. So how do you find what you want to watch?

Basics: How to post a video to YouTube

January 1, 2013

YouTube has millions of videos to watch, but how did they all get there? Here's how to upload your videos from your own PC to the world's largest video sharing website.

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